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The slideshow gallery below presents a chronological series of a number of works in the Painting and Sculpture galleries that also can considered "public art." The gallery is part of the Visual Arts section of The Emperor's Bridge Campaign's ARENA: Archive of Emperor Norton in Art, Music & Film.

Some of these pieces are not in truly public spaces. They are located in restaurants or bars, which include the presumption of having to pay money for the privilege of being in the space.

But each piece functions as a site-specific work that (1) provides a gravitational, magnetic "orientation point" for an outdoor or indoor commons, and that (2) possesses a level of "monumentality" that enables the work to uniquely shape the character of the space.

This includes works often categorized as "street art," as well as pieces in indoor gathering places and crossroads such as bars and hotel lobbies.

Hover on each image to see a full description, including (where available) the artist, title, year,  copyright and source information. Click to enlarge and / or to see the full work.

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This curation seeks to be comprehensive but not exhaustive.

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