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Support from the Emperor's Nieces and Nephews

The latest supporter of The Emperor's Bridge Campaign — joining us yesterday — is Andrea Scott-Norton of Johannesburg.

Andrea is Emperor Norton's great great great great niece.

Those of you who know your Emperor Norton history will recall that Joshua Abraham Norton was born in England but that his parents, John and Sarah, moved the family to South Africa when he was 2. Joshua — the future Emperor — moved from South Africa to San Francisco in 1849, when he was about 30.

Today, all of Emperor Norton's living descendants trace themselves, in one way or another, to South Africa. And a number of them — like Andrea — still live there.

In fact, a number of the Emperor's 4x-great nieces and nephews — including another member of the Facebook group, Julie Driver of Ontario — are signatories of the petition to name the Bay Bridge for Emperor Norton.

Wonderful that, more than 130 years after his death, the Emperor's relatives still are stepping up to champion his legacy.

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