The Emperor's Bridge Campaign

to honor the life + advance the legacy of Emperor Norton

On This Day in 1874

A Proclamation, from the Emperor, in the Pacific Appeal newspaper:

Pro Bono Publico!

[Time, 11 A.M. Place, California Street.]

Citizen—"Why are the sidewalks not kept clear, Emperor?"

Emperor—"Why don't you apply to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors (whom you have elected to administer the laws justly) for redress?"

Citizen—"The fact of the matter is, Emperor, they play and humbug us every time."

Emperor—"Well, if your elected officials are so biased by the electors, how on earth can you expect the Emperor to rectify the evil, except a law is passed commanding all officers to have their bonds approved by the Emperor, and then he will be responsible."

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