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Mother Jones "Link-Checks" Campaign in History of "Frisco"

It stands to reason that The Emperor's Bridge Campaign is one of the few organizations or individuals to be actively researching the question of whether Emperor Norton wrote the anti-"Frisco proclamation so often attributed to him. So it was gratifying, a couple of days ago, to have our efforts acknowledged by the respected San Francisco-based magazine Mother Jones.

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Wall Street Journal: Campaign Has "Boldest Efforts to Honor the Emperor"

The Wall Street Journal is up today with a front-page article that looks at the coalescence, in recent years, of something approaching a Bay Area "movement" to celebrate Emperor Norton. The Journal features The Emperor's Bridge Campaign in its profile, and writes that the Campaign brings together "the boldest efforts to honor the emperor."

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The Bold Italic Features Our Upcoming Tannenbaum Toast

The widely read San Francisco-focused Web site The Bold Italic is spotlighting our upcoming holiday drinks party in its curated events listings for this week. The site lists The First Annual Tannenbaum Toast as one of 40 things to do in San Francisco this week — and one of 24 to do in the city this coming weekend.

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Campaign a Sign of Civic Health, Says Essayist

Our friend, Julian Lozos, flags a recent at San Francisco-focused online magazine The Bold Italic, in which writer Sara Brody cites our movement, specifically, as one healthy indicator that — despite the doomsday predictions of some who are wringing their hands the hardest over San Francisco's latest gentrification wave — San Francisco is not on the verge of losing its soul.

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