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Reckoning With Both the Man and the Myth

On Saturday 9 July 2016, the San Francisco History Association held its 18th Annual Awards Dinner at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club on Washington Square. At the Dinner, the Association presented The Emperor's Bridge Campaign with its 2016 Ron Ross Founder's Award, which is "given each year to a person, group of people or organization for performing an impressive undertaking that support's San Francisco history."

What follows are the acceptance remarks offered at the Dinner by Campaign founder and president John Lumea.

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The Emperor Norton Sundae: Vintage Ghirardelli Menus Edition

For at least 50 years, it appears, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company featured on the menu of its shops an Emperor Norton Sundae. Ghirardelli discontinued the Emperor Norton in 2004, possibly earlier but evidence of the Emperor remains in this little collection of Ghirardelli menus from the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

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Emperor Norton's Neighborhood: Walking Tour to Benefit The Emperor's Bridge Campaign

On Sunday 12 June 2016, Emperor Norton — played by Joseph Amster of Time Machine Tours  will lead a special "off the menu" historical walking tour focusing exclusively on Emperor Norton sites and stories.

The tour is a fundraising benefit for the Campaign. Please join us!

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Wall Street Journal: Campaign Has "Boldest Efforts to Honor the Emperor"

The Wall Street Journal is up today with a front-page article that looks at the coalescence, in recent years, of something approaching a Bay Area "movement" to celebrate Emperor Norton. The Journal features The Emperor's Bridge Campaign in its profile, and writes that the Campaign brings together "the boldest efforts to honor the emperor."

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A Plaque for the Emperor (With His Birth Date in Bronze)

On a beautiful if blustery afternoon yesterday in Colma, about 40 friends of Emperor Norton gathered for the laying of a special historical plaque for the Emperor at Home of Peace — the cemetery of Congregation Emanu-El, where the Emperor attended synagogue every Saturday.

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Joshua Abraham Norton, b. 4 February 1818

The following illustrated remarks were presented by Emperor's Bridge Campaign founder and president John Lumea at The Emperor's 197th Birthday, the Campaign's "party and presentation of recent findings" held on 3 February 2015 at the Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics in San Francisco.

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A Lovely December Afternoon with the Emperor, the Countess & 50 Friends of the Campaign

A recap of The Emperor's Bridge Campaign's 2nd Annual Tannenbaum Toast, held on Sunday 14 December 2014 at Union Square and The House of Shields, San Francisco.

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Did Influential Norton Biographer Robert Ernest Cowan Fudge the Emperor's Birth Date?

Building on Campaign board member Joseph Amster's recent "rediscovery" of am 1865 newspaper item pointing to an 1818 birth date for Emperor Norton, Campaign founder John Lumea examines Robert Ernest Cowan's influential 1923 essay about the Emperor and finds that Cowan manipulated the same news item to make it appear to support his own theory that Emperor Norton was born in 1819.

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Respected Web Site on "1820 Settlers" Updates the Emperor's Birth Date

In 1820, 2-year-old Joshua Norton emigrated with his parents and older brother from England to South Africa. They and the 4,000 others who participated in this colonization scheme came to be known as the 1820 Settlers. This week, in response to Board member Joseph Amster's recent "rediscovery" of an 1865 newspaper item pointing to an 1818 birth date for Joshua Norton, the leading historical and genealogical Web site documenting the story of the 1820 Settlers movement updated its birth date for Emperor Norton.

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Homing in on the Emperor's Birth Date?

Combing through microfiche of old San Francisco newspapers at the San Francisco Public Library yesterday, Emperor's Bridge Campaign board member Joseph Amster stumbled across an item on the front page of the 4 February 1865 edition of the Daily Alta California. The item invites us to take a much closer look at a possible birth date for Emperor Norton that was dismissed by earlier biographers.

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