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Emperor Norton Map of the World

Any number of San Francisco-area sites that are historically associated with Emperor Norton can be visited today. Nearly all of these physical sites are unmarked, however — so, the casual passerby would have no way of appreciating their significance.

Until fairly recently, in fact, even those familiar with the Emperor's story could reliably pinpoint only a handful of these places — where he lived for most of his reign; the spot where he died; where he is buried; and maybe a couple of others. 

An important benefit of the historical research The Emperor's Bridge Campaign has been conducting since its launch in late 2013 has been the "fleshing out" of this picture — the picture of exactly where Emperor Norton lived, worked and visited. 

Based on this research — which includes ship's passenger lists, city directories, newspaper reports, eyewitness accounts and other contemporaneous descriptions — the Campaign is pleased to present THE EMPEROR NORTON MAP OF THE WORLD. 

This interactive map currently includes 58 historical sites that are indexed (roughly) in chronological order.

Green pins are for sites in England and South Africa. Blue pins are for sites in California.

Each pin includes an historical or geographical note. Most pins also include at least one relevant image, with source information and links. We will continue to add new pins — and to enrich existing pins with more information, images and links. 

There also is a layer of gold stars identifying 14 works of Emperor-inspired public art across 11 locations. 


  • Click the arrow icon at the top left corner of the map to open the chronological site index.

  • Click on any pin to see the title; an historical or geographical note; images; and links.

  • The map is fully functional here on the Campaign site. But for the best experience, we recommend that you enlarge the map to a full-screen view. To do this, simply click the icon at the top right corner of the map. You'll be directed to a page.

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