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17 July 2017

Emperor Norton Paid Homage With Interactive Map of His Life

"It's called the Emperor Norton Map of the World, really
does cover the world....If you're a fan you really should read the
locations' write-ups, which are quite lengthy and detailed."


10 July 2017
Atlas Obscura

A New Map Tracks the Life of San Francisco's Emperor Norton

"The Emperor's Bridge Campaign...has created a comprehensive map
of [Emperor Norton's] San Francisco, which includes...44 delightfully
detailed entries on everything from the Mechanics' Institute, where
the Emperor played chess, to the amusement park where he was
denied access to the roller skating rink."

1 May 2017
San Francisco Chronicle

True or False? All the Myths and Urban Legends in Bay Area History

Slideshow article. Links opens to slide whose description includes
a link to the Campaign's February 2016 article on the anti-"Frisco
proclamation often attributed to Emperor Norton.

13 Febuary 2016

KQED Field Trip: Early San Francisco Images, Maps & Links

The Emperor's Bridge Campaign is under "Online articles."

29 January 2016
Mother Jones

Why San Francisco's "Frisco" Debate Will Never, Ever Die

See the text link "likely apocryphal" in the "Emperor strikes back" section.

13 August 2015
Wall Street Journal

In San Francisco, Subjects Still Long for Ersatz Emperor of Yore

"...the boldest efforts to honor the Emperor: The Emperor's Bridge Campaign."

11 November 2014
SF Weekly

The Emperor's Bridge Campaign Is Now a Nonprofit *

* Article illustration not associated with the Campaign.


27 November 2013
San Francisco Bay Guardian


20 October 2013
San Francisco Chronicle

Wide Range of Causes Use Online Petitions

"[Petition author John] Lumea's timing was impeccable. The petition went up Aug. 2...just as the California Legislature discussed naming the western span after Willie Brown. Media outlets quickly jumped on the story; social media, especially Twitter, caught fire. He now has more than 4,400 signatures."

22 August 2013
San Jose Mercury News

Move Afoot to Honor Historic S.F. Eccentric

"'The response has been overwhelming,' says writer John Lumea, who created the petition. 'But what's been most moving are the comments people are leaving. He still touches people's hearts, all these years later.'"

13 August 2013
San Francisco Bay Guardian

Petition to Name Bay Bridge After Emperor Norton Gains 1,000 Signatures

Archived at 48 Hills.

"Nothing personal against [Willie] Brown, says [petition author John] Lumea. He just believes that honor belongs instead to 19th-century San Francisco eccentric Joshua Abraham Norton."

13 August 2013
Raw Story

Petition to Name San Francisco's Bay Bridge After Emperor Norton Gains Support

"'Although Emperor Norton is identified as a San Francisco figure, his proclamations calling for a cross-Bay bridge embodied a profound recognition that Oakland needed San Francisco — and that San Francisco needed Oakland,' [petition author John] Lumea wrote."

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