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Emperor Norton's Bridge (1956)
Season 1, Episode 8, of Telephone Time (CBS)

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Sponsor Bell Telephone System

Production company Hal Roach Studios

Audio-Visual sound, b/w

Run time 26:12

Original air date 27 May 1956


Directed by Roy Kellino

Produced by Jerry Stagg

Executive Producer Hal Roach, Jr.

Teleplay by Donald S. Sanford

Story by John Nesbitt

Production Supervisor Sidney Van Keuren

Director of Photography Paul Ivano

Production Coordinator E.H. Goldstein

Assistant Director Bruce Fowler, Jr.

Edited by George Luckenbacher

Art Director William Ferrari

Photographic Effects Jack R. Glass

Set Decorations Charles Thompson

Sound Jack Goodrich; Joel Moss

Story Editor Henry F. Greenberg

Casting Ruth Burch

Wardrobe Frank Delmar

Makeup Jack P. Pierce

Hair Stylist Carmen Dirigo 


Emperor Norton Edgar Stehli

Bret Hart Jan Merlin

Hayes Ted de Corsia

Officer McTeague Sean McClory

Judge Carleton G. Young

Don Carlos Salvador Baguez

Aide Robert Tafur

John Sammee Tong

Seaman Robert Bice

Miner Ralph Neff

Host John Nesbitt 

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