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What's a Boothby?

Much as we'd love to be able to take care of all of your bar tabs on Sunday afternoon (RSVP here), it will be a cash bar. We're getting the space — at the fabulously restored House of Shields (1908) — for free. But drinks will be on all of our dimes!

The official drink for The Tannenbaum Toast is The House of Shields's version of the classic Boothby cocktail — created in 1908 by legendary San Francisco bartender William T. "Cocktail" Boothby, during his tenure at the Palace Hotel, just across the street from The House of Shields.

The Boothby essentially is a tweaked Manhattan — whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters (but with the vermouth a little higher in the mix than in a Manhattan) — with the added festive fizz of Champagne or sparkler.

They'll go for $10 on Sunday.

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